"We went to places that I would never have found on my own using my travel books"

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Hi, I’m Guus van Deelen and together with Ilona Boomsma, we’re your passionate local food guides in Utrecht.

What excites us most when we travel? Discovering local food and diving into its rich culture.

After exploring street food tours worldwide, we felt inspired to offer the same thrilling experience right here in our beloved Utrecht.

As Utrecht food aficionados, we know exactly where to take you for the most authentic and delightful bites.

Our mission? To blend fun with learning as we introduce you to Utrecht’s beautiful streets and its great local food.

Curious? Don’t hesitate to contact us!

+316 55 76 29 99 

Download a list with our favorite restaurants.

Guus en Ilona
Your local food guides!

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Our testimonials

We’ve had such a great time together with Guus, this guy is so passionate about what he’s doing. The tour was fun, informative and we’ve got a real good impression about typical Dutch food in the beautiful city of Utrecht, We’ve went to places that I would never have found on my own using my travel books. When traveling to Utrecht, I would highly recommend this tour!
Olga Hammersmit Olso
My wife and I are absolute food lovers, so when we are traveling, we basically just eat all day. Luckily this tour was absolutely everything we’ve hoped for! Exploring the city while eating the real local food was a great way to spend out afternoon in Utrecht. Guus is a very nice guy that is very entertaining to be with!
Joe Simmens
New York USA
Going to the local market and learn everything about the local cheeses was my personal highlight of the tour! I’ve tasted about 10 different kind of cheeses which I didn’t knew even exist. I really liked the fact that Guus speaks a bit Spanish, so that made it easier for us to understand instead of English.
Martha Rodriguez
Valencia Spain

Our Food Plans

Utrecht's Secret Gardens Tour


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2 hour tour

Self-Guided Street Food Tour


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3 hour tour

Private Food Tour


VAT included

3 hour tour


In addition to the self-guided tours, we host private guided tours.

Dates and availability are on request. 

Tours available daily between 11:00 AM and 20:00 PM.

While we typically offer guided tours for groups of six or more,
we’re happy to accommodate smaller groups at special rates.

For any inquiries, please email us,
or use the form.