Something you've never done before!


Magnet fishing is fun, exciting and probably something you’ve never done before!
The concept is pretty straight forward:
We’ll be exploring the ancient canals of Utrecht’s city centre with an extremely powerful magnet attached to a rope.
You’ll always catch something, but you’ll never know what.
Magnet fishing Utrecht is like urban treasure hunting.

Please don’t hesitate to give me a call to learn more!   phone: +31639834158

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Magnet Fishing Tour Utrecht


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Urban treasure hunting

There is a lot of fun and action involved.
You’ll be catching a huge variety of stuff, from cycles to ancient coins.

Magnet fishing is a activity for everybody. It’s simple and safe.
Ideal for private groups such as a bachelor party or family reunions.

You can even participate in a wheelchair since we’ll be fishing from bridges.
You don’t need huge strengths or skills to find some great stuff on the bottom of the canal.


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